Much of science fiction becomes science fact some day (faster-than-light travel notwithstanding), and this year seems to be the turn of Star Trek’s replicator: a new Kickstarter is $50,000 into its goal to build a 3D-food printer, capable of turning fresh ingredients into a meal without cooks having to... Read more
Chocolate, orange and anise tart This smooth and gooey chocolate tart, set in crisp, almond pastry, is rich with dark undertones of coffee and spiked with anise. It is delicious served with orange ice cream. Serves 8-10 For the pastry 250g plain flour, plus extra for dusting 25g ground... Read more
This month, not for the first time, How To Eat is in the pub. The blog considering the best way to eat Britain’s most beloved dishes has a pint settling on the bar. It is time to pick over the ploughman’s lunch. Pedants will take great pleasure in pointing... Read more